An Analysis of The Soul selects her own Society Essays

An Analysis of The Soul selects her own Society Essays

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Emily Dickinson’s “The Soul Selects her Own Society” presents herself as absolute and her rights as unchallengeable. The poem puts forward the idea of “friendship or love” which means choosing a significant person and excluding other people. Dickinson reveals that she was shutting people from her life, but because it had been so long, they are no longer interested in taking part of her life. Dickinson’s actions imply that the ability to create and construct a world for oneself, such as choosing your own actions, provides an example of a god-like achievement. Overall, Dickson asserts the importance of “the Self” theme which is shown my just speaking and writing as a ratification of the will to explore and express “the Self” to others.
The poem is indicative of the poet herself and when she “shuts the Door-”, she locks herself behind a closed door and chooses to remain in solitude Behind the door, she tries to find herself and her religion. She is “Unmoved-” until “she notes the Chariots pausing- because Dickson is in a way, separated from the world due to her isolation. The “Chariots” are coming for her as if they were people who were trying to be in her presence. Even when an “Emperor be kneeling” in front of her, she is indifferent to a powerful figure’s actions. The “Emperor” is part of the “divine Majority” and it means status or rank, which is an important idea. The soul is not won by status or rank. Dickinson sees the “Emperor” as a threat because he is “Upon her Mat-”. He came into her life and has come to change her. However, Dickinson is “Unmoved” by his presence and she must “choose one-” which could mean a suitor. If the “one” is a suitor, the poem could mean that she has to choose whether to marry him or not. “I’ve k...

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...e has the right to choose how to spend her life. Dickinson lived a very lonely and isolated life where she lost many important people in her life. The poem, “The Soul selects her own Society” brings attention to the Western society where isolation becomes prevalent and the cultures starts to open up to independence and freedom which leads to actual social relations being replaced with nonexistent sociableness. However, Dickinson was not easily swayed by force, wealth, and beauty like the “Majority”. She was a strong woman who could “shut the Door” and “close the Valves of her attention-Like Stone-”. She provides many ways to interpret the poem and she teaches an important lesson about how the “Soul” makes the decision and not the mind. She creates and eye opening life lesson that enlightens people to make their own decisions for their own life within twelve lines.

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