Essay on An Analysis Of ' The Olden Days '

Essay on An Analysis Of ' The Olden Days '

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A coven worked much like a body, each limb had a job to do. In both cases the limbs had to follow whatever the brain requested. From a young age they had been taught never to defy their superior, it was simply law that they abide by their leader. In the olden days it was taught to ensure safety of the coven, the leader would be the one to seek their security above all else. It was an honoured position, once. Currently, the position was just one of power. Yet the old rules still remained, much to one of the coven’s dismay. Natasha Shonski had been dragged into the coven life by her parents. Generations of their bloodline had served in this coven, now she and her sister took their place within the magical family.

Living as a witch was not as simple as seen in the media, Natasha always desired to live like Samantha from Bewitched. Yet she found herself in a rather dark world. What the media didn’t explain was that when a coven formed there was a blood oath ritual. Each member would pledge allegiance to their leader, it not only caused them to feel as if they had to obey but it linked their powers. No one witch could simply pull away and decide to leave; it was binding.

Many threats to their home lingered in the darkness, including other witches. It was almost as if there was an unseen war happening once the sunlight disappeared. Natasha wasn’t sure why there had been an influx of threats in their town, nor did she really care. After once having sought this life, all she wished now was to abandon it with her sister and make their own lives, far away from the chaos of the coven.

That evening, when Natasha and Alison arrived at their coven leader, Eve’s home, they noticed that a spell was already prepared. Various candles scattered a...

... middle of paper ...

...eyes, feeling her energy slowly fade as the witches sought out a connection. She just prayed that it would be over soon.

Suddenly, an icy wind soared through the living room, killing the candles and preventing the herbs from steaming. Natasha paused, waiting for a sign. “It is done.” Eve announced before beginning to usher the other women out. “Now you wait, we have made a connection. Your demon will appear soon enough. Once you see it, you can leave. You should know, there won’t be a moment where you will be without the demon. You are bound until the spell is reversed. You will rest here tonight, then we begin our plans tomorrow morning.” Natasha could only nod, she didn’t have much to say on the matter. Just a feeling of disdain rippled through her. This coven was stooping to new lows. Thankfully, she was the one that held the power, not some sick, sadistic witch.

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