An Analysis Of ' The ' Of ' Evelyn ' Essay

An Analysis Of ' The ' Of ' Evelyn ' Essay

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Evelyn had no doubt Nathan was doing well in class after his session with his teacher. As much as she tried, Evelyn couldn’t imagine what a younger, inexperienced Nathan would appear like. He seemed so… In control, so composed. Even the day before, amidst a storm of bullets he seemed perfectly controlled. It was hard to imagine that a man like that could ever be shaken. Which was why surprise rose in her as she watched his expression shift as she told her own story. The mere thought of her history unsettling him gave her a sense of pride. He wanted every inch of her, but he couldn’t have her past. It was one thing he couldn’t obtain, and that fact alone seemed to be making him uncomfortable; knowing that he wasn’t the only man to have her. The moment she heard his tone her brows rose slightly as her gaze locked with his. Nathan’s words were as alluring as his body; no doubt his attention.

“Mutual benefits brought them to me. No strings. No drama.” Her red tinted lips curled into a devious smile as she swept her gaze down over his broad frame. If only she’d met him some time ago, no doubt her list would be at least half. As he posed a question to her, Evelyn took a moment to consider her words. “It’s easier, and much more logical, don’t you think? I mean, it isn’t hard to get laid. To obtain a stable, functioning relationship, well, it’s not easy.” Her gaze averted for a moment, her hues glistening ever so slightly in the dim light before returning to Nathan’s form once more. “It may be for some, but I felt rather pleased considering they didn’t want me to stay and I didn’t wish to stay. Sometimes we’d have coffee and I’d dash off to work.” Another gentle shrug of her shoulders rose her breasts slightly, attempting to distract him...

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... know they would always be together? If she entered this with all she had, it could all come back to bite her in the ass. Was she willing to take that risk?

After several moments of deep consideration, her gaze finally met Nathan’s. “I am yours, Nathan.” Her gaze met his sternly, there was no mistaking her firm tone. “You own me as long as you look after me.” Her gaze began to soften slightly as she continued. “If you break my heart, I will find a .45 and show you exactly how good of a shot I am.” Her gaze never left his, she wanted him to know she was serious. There was no way she was about to put herself on the line without a hint of warning. To give herself up to Nathan felt… somehow safe, yet not something she would ever have felt was part of her nature. “I have a gift for you at home. So what do you say we finish this meal as quick as we can.” She purred softly.

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