An Analysis of The Energy Star Company Essays

An Analysis of The Energy Star Company Essays

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The bending white line and twinkling star on an unblemished blue field on thousands of products denotes that Energy Star certification is present and is familiar to more than 85 percent of American families. It indicates that the product provides enhanced energy productivity as compared to its conventional counterparts. But did you know that the Energy Star label could also be applied to businesses?
Becoming a partner of Energy Star
Founded in 1992, by the EPA and the US Department of Energy, the purpose of energy star was to reduce energy consumption and air pollution. Partners of Energy Star comprises of all sort of trades from healthcare to manufacturing and even to business which are home-based. The fundamental requirement is that the company:
 Tracks, benchmarks and measures energy performance
 Develops and implements a plan to expand energy performance
 Educates staff and the public regarding its achievements and partnership
If your company is interested in participating in the annual National Awards program, Energy Star asks that you share how your company has taken steps to reduce its energy consumption. Sharing your story would make your company eligible for the National Award and it might also appear as one of the Energy Star Success Stories.
While Energy Star doesn't supply funding for your company to begin upgrading to energy efficient products, there are a number of inexpensive ways in which you can start saving energy, as well as small business loans that you can apply for.
Loans for Small Businesses which are energy-efficient
For small businesses, Small Business Association provides loans to aid the installation and purchase of equipment that is energy efficient.
7(a) Loan
The 7(a) loan is accessible for most ...

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...oting your status as an Energy Star company can also help to set your business apart from competitors.
After being approved as an Energy Star partner, it gives you logos that you can utilize on business communication. Moreover, if you send your success stories as part of the annual awards program application, it's likely that your story might appear on the Energy Star website and that the program will share your story with local and regional media. And winning the annual award would only profit company's status as an organization which is environmental- minded.
Even if you don't choose to become an Energy Star partner, the Energy Star website has plenty of good advice and tips on reducing your carbon footprint and eventually saving your company money on electrical expenses. In the end, it can only benefit your business to begin taking steps toward energy efficiency.

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