An Analysis Of Team Leadership Models Essay example

An Analysis Of Team Leadership Models Essay example

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An analysis of team leadership models the research should not just focus on the skills that are common between team leadership models, but place a focus on effective teams and team leadership models. Increasingly I see the use of effective team building and effective team leadership as skills in demand. Exactly what does it imply? Understanding the perspective and context of the group should be a focus before applying group leadership models into place.
To understand perspective, the definition of “team” should be clarified, not every team should take the same approach as the word “team” is used frequently and truly can be understood and applied differently. According to Katzenbach and Smith (2005) not all groups are teams, managers should understand the differences. Katzenbach and Smith (2005) define a working group from the following (Excerpted from HBR article):
 Strong, clearly focused leader
 Individual accountability
 The group’s purpose is the same as the broader organization mission
 Individual work products
 Runs efficient meetings
 Measures its effectiveness indirectly by influence on others (such as financial performance of the business)
 Discusses, decides, and delegates
Alternatively, Katzenbach and Smith (2005) define a team from the following (Excerpted from HBR article):
 Shared leadership roles
 Individual and mutual accountability
 Specific team purpose that the team itself delivers
 Collective work products
 Encourages open-ended discussion and active problem-solving meetings
 Measures performance directly by assessing collective work products
 Discusses, decides, and does real work together

The characteristics from the excerpted lists define and clarify each group class; a working group...

... middle of paper ...

...being overtly agreeable to agree to every decision known as group think, but to buck consensus and to introduce different views.
Hill’s framework model (Hill’s Leadership Model) provides a structure of how a team can function from the perspective of a team leader when facing internal and external actions (Northouse, 2013). In the sense of how members and functions interact with the issue or goal of the team, Hill’s Leadership Model provides a comprehensive structure that can be applied when making and facing decision-making. Northouse called it a “cognitive guide that helps team leaders design and maintain effective teams (Northouse, 2013).” Hill’s framework model (Hill’s Leadership Model) is the best overall guide combined with the understanding of the context and perspective that a leader can then construct an effective team and guide the team to the end goal.

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