An Analysis Of Susan Glaspell 's ' A Play Based On An Actual Murder ' Essay

An Analysis Of Susan Glaspell 's ' A Play Based On An Actual Murder ' Essay

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Symbolic Reasoning
In a play, the audience should be intrigued and ready for what is to come next. It is a play that works by understanding. It has the audience on their seat to make them be part of the play. Susan Glaspell wrote a play based on an actual murder. “In the process of completing research for a biography of Susan Glaspell, [she] discovered the historical source upon which Trifles ...Glaspell covered the case and the subsequent trial when she was a reporter for the Des Moines Daily News”(Ben-Zvi 143). In the early nineteen-hundreds women were seen as weak. They were females knew the understanding of every clue that was leading to the case and the reasoning behind it. Minnie Wright neighbors help her in the audience understand a few of the role of the woman back in the day. Trifle is a productive play because it has strengths that show setting, symbolism, gender roles and characters this gives the reader a feel of how the people in the play felt.
The description of the isolated and dairy farm houses which the story takes place where she sets the mood for the entire play. Before the dialogue begins in Trifles Glaspell allows the readers an entryway into the world she has made up. It is setting in a place in a dark kitchen that has been “left without having been put in order” (Glaspell 761). From this description alone, the reader can infer that the characters are not in an environment that was well maintained at all. To the men of the nineteenth Century, the house looking a disaster did not mean anything to them. Later in the play, Godspell shows her audience the way the characters react when they also see the dirty towel. It just meant poor house cleaning of...

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...roles are throughout the play. Its has the audience understand and get a feel of what is going to happen next. Also, it allows them to get an understanding how it was back in the 1900’s. It teaches the audience a role, that was always defended by the female, because of the obligations. It is clear that the author also wants the reader to acknowledge how the discoveries can be made with minor things in the area which allows two heads to work as one. This play should be recommend to others because it has a great amount of continuous strengths that makes everything fall into placed. Also it allows them to sense a feel how it was back in the 1900’s and how women felt when they felt alone, abandoned and not loved. Trifles, is a of Trifles is a reflection of the ubiquitous challenges of life every era faces, and that is anything but trifle.

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