An Analysis Of Max Weber And George Ritzer Essay

An Analysis Of Max Weber And George Ritzer Essay

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Learning Unit 5
As the world around us has become more complex, large formal organizations have become more powerful and universal. A formal organization is a group designed for a special purpose and structured for maximum efficiency. Sociologist argue that bureaucratic formal organizations are necessary for the functioning of modern society. A bureaucracy is a component of a formal organization; it uses rules and hierarchical ranking to achieve efficiency. Max Weber and George Ritzer both believed in concepts founded by the same principles, they were Bureaucratization (Weber) and McDonaldization (Ritzer). Bureaucratization is the process by which a group, organization or any form of social movement becomes bureaucratic. McDonaldization is the process by which principles of fast food restaurants are coming to dominate more and more sectors of society and more and more parts of the world.

In Max Weber’s idea of bureaucratization he developed an ‘ideal type’ (or model) of bureaucracy that could reflect most of the characteristics in human organizations. He believed in a more formal structure of organization. In his model were 5 characteristics: [1] Division of labor; specialized experts preform specific tasks. For example, a barista at Starbucks doesn’t perform the same task as the person behind the register. This helps produce efficiency in the workplace, but also leads to trained incapacity in some individuals. Meaning that some workers became so good at what they were doing that they developed blind spots and failed to notice simple and obvious mistakes. [2] Hierarchy of authority; each position is under the supervision of a higher authority. In the Roman Catholic Church, the pope is the supreme authority; under him are...

... middle of paper ..., the same decorations etc. [3] Calculability; emphasis on quantity rather than quality. For example, the same burger you buy is going to be the same size in weight as another person who orders that same burger. [4] Non-human for human technology, taking skills away from people and building them into robots. For example, everything comes with instructions on how you can do it and in what way it has to be done and it must always be completed in that way alone. Everything in McDonalds is pre-made and pre-packaged with specific instructions on how it has to be made.

Both sociologist wanted to create a model in which represented the direction of the changing world that we live in. Weber believed that his model of bureaucracy was a better example to portray the increase in rationalization in society, but Ritzer believed that the fast food industry was a better metaphor.

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