Essay An Analysis Of Lori Jakielas Book ' Belief Is Its Own Kind Of Truth

Essay An Analysis Of Lori Jakielas Book ' Belief Is Its Own Kind Of Truth

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For some people Family is a simple matter, you have a group of people who hold your hand as you cross the street, take you to birthday parties and tuck you into bed at night. In an ideal world you even have the picturesque family with the father who works a good job and the mother who stays home all day taking care of the house with a chipper and loving demeanor all the time. However, as we learn in Lori Jakielas book, Belief is its own kind of truth Maybe sometimes it is only by searching for that perfect family that we can truly find out where we were always meant to be.
Childhood is something that is completely ineffable, like a shooting star that comes and goes in the blink of an eye and if we are not careful we can destroy that stars special magic. I think this was the case with Lori in some respects, although she does have some fond memory’s of being a child they are often followed by vary grim ones. An example of this is when she is talking about taking her daughter Tricker treating and how she remembers her own real parents taking her as a child. She tells us how they would complain about the bruises her braces left on their arms from carrying her from house to house. However, these marks are no more the child’s fault than the condition that caused them. However, one bucket of water is not enough to douse a flame and so it seems to have been the case with the repeated trauma of Loris clipped wings of innocence.
We see the reaming shards ' of childhood clinging to the emotional tornado teenage years. Lori is in high school now and has a favorite teacher as we all did hers is Mr. Engle. He is a bit of a hippie, he seems like the kind of teacher that would encourage his students to explore their minds and the world around...

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...t enjoy herself, they seem less like family meeting for the first time and more like long lost friends. After a few drinks and catching up they part way and head back to their daily lives.
Jakiela spent much of life once she found she was adopted wondering who her real family was. What her real mother looked like and what her real father did for a living. However, it took almost half a lifetime and actually finding her blood relatives to realive that blood is that, blood. Family is something that is made of support, love and the people that you can count on. Furthermore, I found the scene were she went back home to help her mom make the cake for her dad and, they shared it one last time to be extremely touching. Not because it was his last birthday, but because these are memory’s that you make with family. These are the memory’s that are truly about family.

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