An Analysis Of Lennie Irvin 's What Is `` Academic `` Essay

An Analysis Of Lennie Irvin 's What Is `` Academic `` Essay

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Unit 2 Essay: Poetry
There are many written genres associated with academia that sometimes students get very confused when it comes to distinguish each one of them. A person or a student can spend one entire day thinking at different types of genres related to academia that he or she would come up with a thousand different examples by the end of the day. It is very difficult to give an exact definition to the word genre: there are many points of view regarding this argument that every person develops his/her own definition. To fully understand poetry is important to also focus on the many subgenres it holds in order to have a greater knowledge of this type of literary work.
Lennie Irvin’s essay What is “Academic” Writing explores what the word academic really means when it is related to college writing and how different types of genres can affect a student in his writing. The author focuses his ideas on English classes where students begin to learn how to write. He says that “Your success with academic writing depends upon how well you understand what you are doing as you write and then how you approach the writing task” (Irvin 3). What the author is trying to say is that success is related to attention, understanding steps and thoughts processes during writing. Concentration is key to focus on the work a person is doing as a writer right along with the many different ways a writer can approach his task. Irvin analyzes different myths about writing which usually become a block when a student is writing.
Genres are something a college student has to deal with one day or the other, it is good to learn as much from it in order to become a much more comfortable writer in English classes.
A very common genre found and commonly seen a...

... middle of paper ...

...very familiar with this type of writing. WWI is a fantastic example of how this genre started to become more and more popular because authors were able to express their feelings through poetry while describing the brutality of the war. This writing contains deep meanings meant to address the reader’s emotions and inform of these catastrophic events happened in the history of human kind.
The genre of poetry is something more than normal writing, it lets the writer be in control of what he jots down on paper and lets him explore and analyze his ideas in a way that normal prose would not allow to. The writer’s own feeling are expressed in the poem as a way to let go and free the weight a person is holding. Poems are imagery that communicate a different meanings to each and every one that reads it: it’s a genre with many features that holds an important spot in academia.

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