An Analysis Of Georgia O ' Keefes Painting Waterfall Essay example

An Analysis Of Georgia O ' Keefes Painting Waterfall Essay example

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Waterfall No. 1
Georgia O’Keefes painting Waterfall No.1 was one of three paintings she devoted to depict a waterfall near the Lao Valley in Hawaii. This one like the rest of them were all done on a white canvas with oil paints. The canvas came about when O’keefe visited Hawaii in 1939 and like the name suggests it is a depiction of a beautiful waterfall. This was new territory for O’keefe when she painted this, as she was most famous for depictions of the arid southwest. The lush tropical sights of Hawaii were a completely opposite compared to her previous pieces. The massive nature of the mountains in this painting, the thin white stream of the water fall, are all set with a sense of design and have a pizzazz which brings us the feeling of an exotic landscape. The shapes that underlie this composition are also suggestive of the female sexuality, which brings forth the notion of “Mother Nature”. I went and saw this piece at the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art where Gift of Art placed it there. The piece is originally located in the estate of Georgia O’Keeffe in New York, New York.

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