An Analysis Of Flannery O ' Connor 's A Good Man Essay examples

An Analysis Of Flannery O ' Connor 's A Good Man Essay examples

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Rebekah Schmitz
Prof. Johnson
Intro. to College Writing
26 October 2015
What Went Wrong?
“You wouldn’t shoot a lady, would you?” the grandmother said while dabbing her eyes with her handkerchief. Looking at the ground, the Misfit says, “I would hate to have to.” “Listen,” the grandmother almost screamed, “I know you are a good man. You don’t look a bit like you have common blood. I know you must come from nice people.” It all happened so fast. The car had rolled and wrecked. A murderer was in the family’s presence. The grandmother was begging for grace from the Misfit in every way possible. The character of the selfish grandmother, in Flannery O 'Connor 's short story, “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” tries to use her manipulative ways to fight the Misfit’s urge to kill her. She is unrelenting in her actions to control those around her. Grandmother portrays a stubborn, devious character who wants what she wants and is going to see that she gets it.
The grandmother is very conscious of how to manipulate people in order to obtain what she wants. She executes her personal ideas and plans in well thought-out processes that are not obvious to her family until she pushes and pushes. Eventually, the family picks up on her objectives. The first seen evidence of the grandmother’s use of manipulation is recognized at the beginning of the short story. This gives her character a sense of determination to get what she wants. Grandmother argues with Bailey, her son, about going somewhere else other than Florida on vacation. She has her own ideas about where the family needs to take a vacation in which she bluntly says, “The children have been to Florida before. You ought to take them somewhere else for a change so they would see different parts o...

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... at the beginning and sum up what I overall thought of the story and the parts I analyzed.

The hero is typically a strong, good-natured person by Hollywood standards, but some authors take the freedom to change this definition. Authors like Flannery O 'Connor in her short story, “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” redefine the hero with the character, Grandma. This character is usually loved by all and well respected, but Grandma is not lovable or liked. People who read the story often have a strong dislike towards her. She is annoying. O 'Connor does not follow the hero’s journey verbatim. She strives to make the reader think about their feelings towards the characters in different ways.
Grandmother often thought if she dressed and acted the part of a lady, then she would be acting in an acceptable behavior, but the way the reader views her actions is not the same.

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