Essay about An Analysis Of ' Everyday Use ' And Kafka 's ' The Metamorphosis '

Essay about An Analysis Of ' Everyday Use ' And Kafka 's ' The Metamorphosis '

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Both Walker’s “Everyday Use” and Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” shows a relationship between siblings and parents. The siblings in “Everyday Use”, Maggie and Dee, have a strained relationship because of their difference and that does not change throughout the story. The siblings in “The Metamorphosis”, Gregor and Grete, have a loving relationship in the beginning that does however turn sour throughout the story. Mama in “Everyday Use” loves her daughter’s equally but has a closer relationship with Maggie. The parents in “The Metamorphosis” however turn abusive towards their son after his transformation and loving and caring towards Grete.
The siblings in Walker’s “Everyday Use” have a strained relationship. This can be seen in the beginning when Maggie is anxious about Dee’s arrival and the tension that comes with it. Even when Dee arrives Maggie doesn’t want to be seen and tries to get back into the house, and only doesn’t because Mama stops her. This strained relationship between Maggie and Dee is due to the two of them being opposites in every way. Maggie bears the scars from the night that their house burned down, and this has made her view life differently from Dee. We get an image of Dee from that night, and instead of being upset about the house burning down she stood watching the house burn with a smile. Dee saw the house as a symbol of who they were, poor black farmers, and it seems that Dee has always wanted something more. Maggie, on the other hand, is content with who she is and where she came from. This is where the strained relationship stemmed from and it continues throughout the story. Dee has come for quilts that she believes should be used as décor and not for practical everyday use, like Maggie would intend to u...

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...t like Gregor had. It can be seen that she is replacing Gregor for her parents, because she is young and responsible, just like Gregor once was. It is hard to imagine the Samsa’s ever caring for Gregor, since they abandoned him in his time of need.
The relationships in these two stories have their similarities and differences. Both pairs of siblings end their stories with strained relationships. However, Maggie and Dee have always been at odds with one another whereas Gregor and Grete were close and were forced apart. Both stories show the parents favoring or having a stronger connection to one of their children. Mama shows affection for both her daughters, and cares for them equally; she just has a closer bond to Maggie. The Samsa’s on the other hand abuse their metamorphosed son and show love and care for their daughter Grete, seeing her as Gregor’s replacement.

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