An Analysis of Emerging Adults Essay

An Analysis of Emerging Adults Essay

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In recent years more and more attention has been placed on the period of development known as emerging adulthood; a period of life from the late teens to late 20s. In many ways emerging adulthood is a period defined by a sense of uncertainty, as individuals try and grasp a better understanding of themselves. A large piece of this puzzle is development in the cognitive, physical, emotional, and social fields; yet in many ways society and the internet work against this young age group in maturing these four domains. The trends, pressures, and stereotypes set my popular culture warp the development of emerging adults in a negative direction.
The society we live in today is addicted to the false sense of realism set by popular culture. From movies to magazines emerging adults are fed an unhealthy expectation of what they should look like physically and are contrastingly given a plethora of unhealthy choices. In most cases these signals are subtle and often times go unnoticed. From the constant flow of photo-shopped celebrities to the consistent stream of weight loss commercials on TV, the youth of today are being told they must look a certain way. These messages have pressured many young individuals, especially girls, to slim down to unreasonable levels. Nearly all images published by popular magazines are photoshopped and are receiving more and more criticism from feminist groups around the world (_________). Yet society influences physical development on the other side of the spectrum as well. As fast food imbeds itself into the foundation of every day life an increasing number of emerging adults find themselves battling weight gain and obesity. The issue has become so prevalent that, “obesity has more than tripled in adolescents… ...

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