An Analysis Of Ella Fitzgerald 's ' A Yellow Coward ' Essays

An Analysis Of Ella Fitzgerald 's ' A Yellow Coward ' Essays

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A Yellow Coward

Ella Fitzgerald’s song “A Tisket a Tasket “is based on a children’s lullaby, and a game that she turned into a Jazz song. As a game the children would sing and dance in a circle, dropping and picking up a hankie. Whoever won the game would get a kiss. The Queen of Jazz created a tune with a catchy rhyme with the simple words for the time period. Which was a time of innocence, a naïve world, filled with sweet notes that lull an infant to sleep. The year was 1938, what seems to be a song for babies to sleep, is really shadowed with death, fear, and a longing to be home. (Azizi Powell, p1)
Men have always been taught to be brave and strong through tough times and not to show weakness. This song tells a story of a young soldier who has been shot and is scared of battle and he runs into a field, a sea of yellow men. On line three and four, verse one, it states, “I send a letter to my mommy, on the way I dropped it.” There is desperation for this man to get back to a safe place. ” A brown and yellow...

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