An Analysis Of David Ogden 's ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay

An Analysis Of David Ogden 's ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay

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David Ogden, an American actor, once said, “Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.” This quote has meaning to me because it signifies the strong bond that lies between relatives. To me, this quote says that even when family is far away, family is always in the hearts and minds of relatives. The person in my family who is always on my mind and in my heart is my father. We had shared a special bond, and for me, that bond still holds today. That bond is stronger than anything else in my life, and it always will be even though my dad passed away just over a year ago. The reason my father had such a strong impact on my life was because of his many great traits.
My father was kind, and he showed it with my immediate family, his immediate family, and his friends. In my immediate family, he showed how he was kind to my mother. My father would loan my mother money even when they were not in a relationship. She was in a car accident a few winters ago, and she could get a hold of no one but my father. He had heard that she needed help and went to her rescue. Likewise, my brother and I often required his assistance and he would be there. Brice, my brother, liked to hang out and buy food and objects with his friends, and my dad would take him wherever and give him money whenever. He had also given me everything he could, and when he did not have much money at all, he would still do his best to get me the best gift. As well as my immediate family, my father was very kind with his own immediate family. My dad had lived with his mother most of his life, and he never failed to be there for her if she ever never needed help. He would run various errands for her all the time, and when he chose, he got her very thoughtful...

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...ermination in how he would not give up until he won the debate, or he was at least recognized with a good point of view. He was not only determined to let them know who he was but to let them know he cared; the happiness of his friends meant a lot to my dad, so he would do what he could to make them happy. The biggest part of his determination showed while he was out and in of the hospital. While he was out the of hospital, he did almost everything in his power to stay out by trying to stay healthy and by taking his discomfort without much complaint. In the hospital, the determination my father had was presented by his hopeful outlook and happiness, and he demonstrated it in his fight to stay alive. My dad and I had the strongest bond that I can imagine, and in the end, he always remains in my heart. After all “family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.”

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