An Analysis of Conrad's Heart of Darkness Essay

An Analysis of Conrad's Heart of Darkness Essay

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An Analysis of Conrad's Heart of Darkness In the twentieth century, nihilistic themes, such as moral degeneration, man's bestial instincts at the core of the soul, and cosmic purposelessness, have preoccupied many works of literature and philosophy. Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness is no exception. In his novel, Conrad uses a unique writing style to explore man's fundamental fallibility and moral confusion in an existential world through his character's journey on the Congo River.
The story¡¯s exposition sets the stage as Marlow tells his story to his fellow sailormen while they wait for the tide to turn on the Thames River. In his story, Marlow signs up to work abroad for the Belgian Company to where he believes is exciting uncharted territory at the heart of Africa, still black with mystery on the map. The rising action continues to build up as Marlow witnesses how cruelly the Company employees treat the natives and how the Europeans (including himself eventually) break down mentally and physically in the African environment. Marlow also grows more intrigued at the prevalent reputation of the mysterious trader Kurtz who is rumored to be a remarkable and humane man. Conflicts arise in Marlow's struggle between his value of ¡°civilization¡± and the evil within man and finally peak in the climax, where, upon finally reaching the Inner Station, Marlow realizes that Ku...

... middle of paper ... is indeed sinful and without God in the picture, he would have no reason for hope and every reason to despair at his fundamental fallibility. Unlike Nihilism, however, the Christian places his loyalty on God and trusts in the enlightening and absolute truth that God is sovereign and that He is good.
In conclusion, I thought this was a very thought-provoking piece of work and a fascinating exploration of the human soul without God in it. I would strongly recommend the book to readers with an open mind and a willingness to take a second look after reading. Its story, theme, style, and worldview, unify the book into an unforgettable portrayal of man's heart of darkness.

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