Essay on An Analysis Of Aristophanes 's Speech From Plato 's Symposium

Essay on An Analysis Of Aristophanes 's Speech From Plato 's Symposium

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We always see characters from fairy tales always saying they are trying to find their true love, but the question is, what is true love? Some might say it’s the perfect half that they’ve been looking for, for all their life. Other’s might say it’s the one that you could hold hands with until you die. I think true love comes from the people that loves you from inside out and don’t expect anything in return. It seems to me that many people today have too much going on their lives that no one even knows the true meaning of love anymore.
One of the most important event that happen in a person’s life is to find their other half and spend their left over time with that person. It makes sense according to Aristophanes’s speech from Plato’s Symposium, where she tells us that in the beginning, we were all attached to our soul mate, “After the division the two parts of man, each desiring his other half, came together, and throwing their arms about one another, entwined in mutual embraces, longing to grow into one, they began to die from hunger and self-neglect, because they did not like to do anything apart....” This explains why when we start to miss our other half when we’ve just seen them the minute before or why many people end their own lives because their half was gone, we need the other part of us always with us, so we can feel safe and not lonely all by ourselves in this cold cold world.
Many girls in their young age always dreamed about meeting their prince charming just like in the Disney movies, where they’ll look at each other and know that’s the person they’ve been waiting for and will be spending their time with for the rest of their life. I found it hard to believe how two complete strangers could tell they wer...

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...all along. Sometimes it’s not about us finding our true love, it’s rather or not we let our true love find us.
Everyone will find their true love one day. Whether it’s the person who is meant to be your forever or the love ones that you never turned back to look at, you’ll always have someone that loves you just because the way you are. Just remember that true love is the one that accept all your goods and bad and still not trying to change you. The one that always cheers you up in your glory days and always by your side in the tough times. In today’s world, we all seem to be always caught up in our own business. Maybe it’s time to stop for a moment, get with your love ones, and tell them how much you appreciate for all the care and love they’ve been giving you for all those years. After all, your true love is the ones that will stick with you till the end.

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