An Analysis Of Ann Hulbert 's ' Boy Problems ' Essay

An Analysis Of Ann Hulbert 's ' Boy Problems ' Essay

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Ann Hulbert’s article, “Boy Problems,” discusses the variety of differences concerning the gender educational disparity. This essay exemplifies how learning can be divisive between genders, percentage of college graduates, and some possible explanations for women’s increasing success in the educational field.
“Gender disparity” refers to the differences between the percentages of men and women obtaining college degrees. Hulbert coveys the different ways in which young boys and girls process information. Women tend to be better at reading, writing, and verbal skills, while men tend to better at math and sciences. By sixth grade, young boys tend to lose interest in literature and are often struggling in subjects such as English and reading, while young girls are often losing interest in math and science by sixth grade. Boys perform consistently below girls on tests of reading and verbal skills. By high school, girls tend to score in the middle or average; however, boys tend to score either really well or rather poorly.
In recent years, men have been declining in the amount that attend college, but women have been increasing. Women now receive thirty percent more bachelor’s degrees than men and also receive fifty percent more master’s degrees than men (Hulbert). In the past men dominated the college world. Hulbert states, “Beginning in the 1970’s women started to show more students attending college than men” (Hulbert).
Hulbert suggests that one possible reason for the decline in men attending college is that young boys tend to be more hyper and active than young girls who tend to be more reserved and quiet. Because young boys are more active they often are disciplined, while girls are often quieter and naturally become a teacher’s...

... middle of paper ... children every step of the way.
Ann Hulbert writes about boys very often losing interest in reading and verbal skills. I agree with this because I experienced this firsthand; also, I was very close to becoming a part of the statistic for young men not attending college. Until my junior year in high school I was going to go straight into the work force. Overall I agree with most points that Hulbert makes throughout Boy Problems due to firsthand experience. While many young men still attend college it is still a problem that not as many people as possible are getting the college education that would benefit them greatly. According to TIME magazine, in 2014 29.9% of men had a bachelor’s degree and 30.2% of women had a bachelor’s degree. In conclusion, my ideals over this topic closely resemble Hulbert’s due to my personal experience over this controversial issue.

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