An Analysis Of ' Alice 's Meeting With The Caterpillar ' Essay example

An Analysis Of ' Alice 's Meeting With The Caterpillar ' Essay example

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An expansion of this stubbornness is the problems it causes through its rejection of others for not matching Alice 's standards, leading to instances of madness in the context of her own standards. Alice’s meeting with the Caterpillar is where she highlights the madness caused by this stubbornness. The madness is seen in Alice’s refusal, “well, perhaps your feelings may be different…it would feel very queer to me,” of the Caterpillars solution that change should effect one “not a bit” (Carroll 41). At first, her rejection seems reasonable as she is not going against any clear benchmark of behavior. Yet, she supposed to use reasoning to come to this conclusion, which requires her to look at all the evidence. However, she is too focused on the Caterpillar’s failure to meet her benchmark for conversation, even questioning him because she “felt a little irritated at…[his]…very short remarks” (Carroll 41). An “irritated” feeling which show that his way of expressing himself is not matching her standard. She says, “well, perhaps you may be different” discrediting his statement as exclusive to him. Followed immediately by, “but I would feel,” showing she put barely any thought into the decision to continue with her previous conclusion despite new information, inferring a predetermination to reject The Caterpillar (Carroll 41). This actively works against her own reasoning, which requires her to look at all the facts. These observations about his “very short remarks” and how “she had never been so much contradicted” taint her perception of his answers causing her to respond in a direct, dismissive way that she rarely uses. Again, there is madness her as she ignores her own standards for reasoning and manner. Therefore, for Alice at least,...

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...ns, it is close enough. It is in this way that Alice’s reason is working to highlight the success of Wonderland’s logic.
By recognizing that Alice’s madness steams from reasoning, one begins to see the Adventures of Alice in Wonderland as a critique on the applicability of reason. As Alice is stuck trying to figure out “who in the world am I” as she sits trapped in the hall failing to find or even search for a way out of her predicament, the audience too is questioned for worrying about such things when so much needs to get done (Carroll 18). Seeing this throughout the novel, the audience becomes aware of how paralyzing this need to reason out concepts and actions far beyond one’s self. In stark contrast, Wonderland’s logic seems more like reasonable, practical thought. In the end, Carroll is twisting our view of reasoning to show us how unreasonable it is.

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