An Analysis Of Alan Guth 's ' The Big Bang ' Essay

An Analysis Of Alan Guth 's ' The Big Bang ' Essay

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identical. But soon, two russian physicists, would discover that the Alan Guth says that the big bang tells us nothing about the universe or how it formed. If you could take our universe and put the spread of particles in reverse, it would show that in fact it shows nothing about how it started or how it even caused it to inflate. When we say BIG BANG, we assume that we are talking about the bang, but in fact we have no information about how the particles spread.

Alan Guth- A professor at MIT currently, but in 1979, him and a colleague named Henry Tie were processing a new idea about particles formed in space to create the big bang. One night, Guth discovered something very phenomenal about the equations he had for the expansion of the universe.

He came to the conclusion that these equations had an enormous effect on the particles and the expansion of the universe. The new equations that they had would create a rapid expansion of particles in the universe. What Guth found in the math is that in the extreme environment of the beginning universe, gravity could act, in reverse. Instead of pulling things together, this new reverse gravity pulled things apart, causing a huge expansion. By discovering the repulsive gravity, Alan Guth had unintentionally shed light on the beginning of the big bang. This force was so powerful, it could take a bit of space the size of a molecule, and blow it up to the size of the milky way in a billionth, of a billionth, of a billionth of a blink of an eye. As we know, the universe expanded very fastly, then slowed down and cooled, allowing galaxies and solar systems to form. Alan believes that this reverse gravity is the cause of the expansion of the universe, and he called it, inflation. It’s essent...

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...0 possible solutions for this problem. It seemed impossible for a theory that was supposed to have the one master equation. Then it occurred to some string theorists that were multiple ways of looking at this problem. They said that what if every digit of this 10 to the 500 solutions was a universe? In other words, string theory was describing a multiverse. With the strange amount of dark energy in the universe, ours was sure to come up.


After looking at string theory, dark energy, and inflation, we can now see that they were all pointing at the same thing. A multiverse. Just like the legs of a stool, these three theory both support the seat. The idea of a multiverse. What would happen if we were to look inside of a multiverse. The multiverse may have incredibly different laws of physics or different properties. Or, it could be almost identical to ours.

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