An Analysis Of Agatha Christie 's ' Murder On The Orient Express And ' And Then There Were None

An Analysis Of Agatha Christie 's ' Murder On The Orient Express And ' And Then There Were None

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Through out time, women were not often seen as the hero, on numerous occasions they portray the damsel in distress, reason being, society believed they were not strong enough or even smart enough to be the one who saves the day. In Murder on the Orient Express and And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, women play a strong and fierce role as they help uncover the mystery that lies within the novel. Vera Claythorne of And Then There Were None and Mary Dembenham of Murder on the Orient Express, provide the narrative with clueful character analysis ', vital background information, and a deeper insight to the crime; therefore, enhancing and moving the story along, answering the question of who done it. The significance of each woman is evident, and they both supply necessary information to fulfill the end goal of the mystery.
Each character has a distinct personality, but understanding them, the reader develops an opinion as to if said character is capable of committing the crime. Both women put up a strong and somewhat cold front, however, they are easily swayed by their emotions and haunting past. "It was no good trying not to think of Hugo. He was close to her. She had to think of him - to remember…"(Christie 79) Vera Claythorne constantly thought about her initial crime, her guilt built up so much that her mental state deteriorated. This factor makes it difficult to perceive Claythorne as the mastermind; although she 's a very smart woman, her inability to think straight and shake off the guilt from her former felony, makes her an unlikely suspect for murder of the nine before her. Mary Debenham reflects that emotional instability as well, however, she is capable of concealing it longer and better than Vera. "It is a crime t...

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...ry would not have been complete.
In conclusion, both of these women prove to be sting forces to be reckoned with. These powerful women provide the narrative with clueful character analysis ', vital background information, and a deeper insight to the crime; they, enhance and move the story along, majorly assisting in answering the important question of who done it. Unfortunately, for Vera, she did not survive her journey of trauma, but nonetheless, she was key character in the novel, as for Debenham, she succeeded in serving comeuppance to the original criminal. Agatha Christie shows women as heroes in unexpected ways, though she does not make them the detective to solve the entire puzzle, she makes them stand out in a sea of people who are similar to them. What make these women great female leads is their ability to prove women are just as strong and smart as men.

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