An American President- Teddy Roosevelt Essay

An American President- Teddy Roosevelt Essay

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An American President
Leadership is something that as humans we strive to be good at. It’s a skill that can be fostered in school, homes and sports. As Americans we often turn to those in leadership positions to help us during troubling times. Many great leaders have been born out of grave tragedy, when one person can show strength, wisdom and courage we celebrate them. Our country is driven by men and women who are out into leadership roles. Congress and government have their fair share of both positive and negative leaders. One perfect example of leadership is the position of the American President. Being the leader of the free world comes with immense pressure. Throughout history we have been able to see different men take on this role. No one has ever done the job perfectly but some presidents have made a stronger imprint on our society then others. Our twenty sixth president, Theodore Roosevelt, is one of those presidents, despite hardships and tragedies his passion for a better America was his motivation to fight for the country he loved.
Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27th, 1858 in the great state of New York. The Roosevelt’s had already a baby girl so Theodore was the couple’s second baby. As Theodore and his older sister Anna grew a bit older two more siblings were added to the Roosevelt family. First it was a boy named Elliott and then the youngest of the clan came along her name was Corinne. Theodore whose childhood nickname was “Teedie” was born into a fairly affluent family. Theodore Sr. was a hard working father who imported glass and was also noted as one of New York City’s most successful philanthropists. Roosevelt seemed to look up his father and all that he has accomplished .Theodore Roosevelt’s chi...

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...t had lodged in his heart. In true Roosevelt fashion was buried in Oyster Bay in a quite manner with no eulogy (Mackintosh).

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