An Amendment Limiting Congressional Terms Essay

An Amendment Limiting Congressional Terms Essay

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An Amendment Limiting Congressional Terms
“The secretary of state or other authorized official shall not certify a candidate 's nomination or election if at the end of the current term of that office, the candidate will have served 6 or more years in any 12-year period as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives or 12 or more years in any 24-year period as a member of the U.S. Senate.” – CI-64
“Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.”
Logically, the most difficult kinds of legislation to get passed through the US congress are new laws and regulations that relate to the congress. And when it has come to term limits for senators and members of the House of Representatives, there has been very little talk or action towards passing a constitutional amendment that restricts the number of terms they can serve. When the Framers of the Constitution set out to design a new form of government chief among their concerns was ending the royal practice of holding office until you died and passing the throne to a blood relative. Instead, the founding fathers believed that the honest and patriotic citizens (i.e: white, literate, land holding males) should take turns running for office. (O 'Connor, Sabato & Yanus, 2015).
I do not believe that our founding fathers believed that senators and congressmen should hold office for life. However, they did not include any law to prohibit this. As only the legislative branch has the power to consider, write, propose, and pass laws, it is quite possible that an amendment to the constitution that limits the number of terms that congress can serve may never be written, let alone come up for a vote. They seem to have a monopoly on that decision making process and are the...

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...tutional Convention” would be a strong signal to congress that voters are serious about reforming government. Donald Trump even suggested term limits in speeches in Montana, which was after he opened his primary debut by admitting that he always donated to both sides (to both Bushes and Clintons) and said that both were crooked and willing to take bribes now for favors later. Surprisingly, Senator Ted Cruz announced plans to introduce a term limits bill weeks after the 2016 election (Weaver, 2016). It is very likely that the only opponents to congressional term limits that can be found would be in the halls of congress and their main experience matters (O 'Connor, Sabato & Yanus, 2015). If corporations pay lobbyists to bribe congress into doing nothing and those corporations are getting rich off the gridlock and the way things are, then term limits I feel are must.

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