An Alternative Health Practice Driven Essay

An Alternative Health Practice Driven Essay

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Who We Are
The Business is an alternative health practice driven by an ever-growing market-force interested in natural health and supported by a patient first focus. At the most holistic level, the goal is to effectively listen to those seeking guidance and assistance in a cleaner approach to health while providing a safe, compassionate environment. The Business believes that everyone should have the right to support their beliefs, as such The Business is structured to not only be attentive to those able to pay for service, but to also partner with local community service organizations to fund those without such ability.
The Business will provide products and services of high ethical quality which are deemed safe and effective only after an initial private consultation. The patient-practitioner relationship will be a partnership which will create harmony and trust, resulting in high client compliance and health longevity.
The core elements of The Business are depicted in Figure 2. With knowledge storage and organizational memory, The Business stays on the cutting-edge of knowledge and customer service.
The addition of community support will allow a venue for health presentations to be offered for community education, providing a constant flow of clients. Finally, seeking, investing, and cultivating the right staff sets a culture that instigates internal, and external, motivation and client compliance.
Essentially, The Business offers products and services sought after by an increasing demand for alternative health solutions from local cultures with ethnocentric beliefs in natural remedies, a 35 – 49 demographic whose trust in conventional Western medicine is fading, or those seeking alternatives after a health scare or...

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...ance is located at a traffic signal intersection and parking facilities are adequate with street lighting spaced at five-car intervals.
Initial estimate placed rental at $450 a month. The rental fee was reduced to $350 a month (inclusive of utilities, ground keep) after a barter agreement was made for services.
Our cyber-location will be housed at and will be accessible 24-hours a day.
The physical location chosen is a stand-alone building, approximately 850 square feet of fully furnished space, consisting of a front office, two consultation rooms, and a meditation room. With the three rooms, it will be easy for the practitioner and staff to cycle through without hesitation. As a single-practitioner practice consulting with patient on an appointment only basis, there will be no concern for walk-ins or a crowded front office.

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