An Ai Systems With Machine Ethics And Its Integral Limitations Essay examples

An Ai Systems With Machine Ethics And Its Integral Limitations Essay examples

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Many philosophers and AI experts have suggested constraining superintelligent AI systems with machine ethics to guarantee positive social outcomes from their decision making. This paper demonstrates the need for controlling an AI system and evaluates machine ethics and its integral limitations. Machine ethics could possibly increase the probability of an AI system acting ethically in certain situations, it cannot provide any assurance due to the nature of ethics, the nature of computational agents and the nature of society. Even if machine ethics were solved, they would still likely lack the ability to ensure positive social outcomes from AI systems in all situations.

Controlling Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence is one of the principal qualities that humans posses, however the intelligence of machines has received considerable attention recently. In 624 BCE, Thales of Miletus was born, and today is considered the first philosopher and the father of Western philosophy. Ever since, some of the greatest thinkers the world has ever seen: Protagoras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein have all dabbled in the field of philosophy. The geniuses of every generation are fascinated with how humans think, and thousands of years of thought regarding the question of intelligence have been usurped and redirected as of late due to the appearance of the computer. Their development has led them to complete tasks once thought to be only possible to humans. First, the level of intrigue was minimal, but the maturity of computers yielding super-human abilities of computation has forced us to ask whether a limit to their capacities exists and if we can enable them to grow further, or if they wi...

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...wareness of its existential threat has increased as well. This paper detailed why it would be necessary to control a potential AI system, and the most common method postulated as to how to control such an AI, machine ethics. However, machine ethics still have many limitations such as: moral dilemmas facing an agent result in the sacrificing of something important, morals being modeled by the system are wrong, and loss of understanding or control of ethical AI systems that lead to the conclusion that they would not be sufficient to control such a system and always produce a positive social outcome. Research into the development of AI should be continued because success in AI has the possibility to provide great opportunities for improving the material circumstances of human life (Russell & Norvig, 2010), however this research needs to undertaken with the utmost care.

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