An African American Family Struggles with Racism in A Raisin in the Sun by by Lorraine Hansberry

An African American Family Struggles with Racism in A Raisin in the Sun by by Lorraine Hansberry

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A Raisin in the Sun was written by Lorraine Hansberry and is a play about an African American family who are struggling in the 1950’s to keep the family together. Although the play is portrayed in the 50’s many issues like the economy, racism, and family dynamics the characters had to face; these issues are still issues in the 21st century.

“So money is life... things have changed”- Mama Pg. 75. In the quote Mama is surprised that money has the power to make or break the world; and more importantly that it has such a strong grip on her son Walter. I can see Walters’s displeasure when he is denied the money needed to fund his liquor store by Mama. The economic status of most Blacks in the 1950’s was poor; most had jobs in the service sector evidence of this was that Walter worked as a chauffeur and Mama and Ruth both worked as maids to make ends meet. The contrast from the 50’s to now is that in the 1950’s they had limited jobs and only the White majority had the best selections compared to the Black minority who had a poor selection of job opportunities in the States; only a hard working Black who wasn’t willing to be a statistic was able to reach the top. This isn’t true today everyone can have a healthy paying job no matter what race. Though through the 1950’s there was an industrial climb that is still going on today. The idea of a social status is another way to stabilize the economy; it might have started out as a way to distinguish the high, middle and low social classes into different economic levels. This idea of the centuries started wars and revolutions; being that the lower and middle classes wanted equal employment opportunities as the higher class. One perfect example of this in the book is when Walter is ridicul...

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...s maturity level had grown and more importantly Mama’s faith in Walter to lead the family. There is proof of the changes that family dynamics go through in real life; for example the birth of a sibling, death of an immediate family member or a marriage. In conclusion family dynamics within own family is crucial for the families survival. The family is an important aspect in any aspect of life and family. Life will change those family dynamics for the better or the worst.

Although the economy, racism and family dynamics aren’t clearly portrayed in A Raisin in the Sun ; one can’t help but notice from then till now. The issues in A Raisin in the Sun are portrayed in the 1950’s ; but still hold true to the present era which is holding our society captive. Will you fix the issues present in our society or leave it for the next generation what will you choose?

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An African American Family Struggles with Racism in A Raisin in the Sun by by Lorraine Hansberry

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