An Affluent Community By The Name Woodbury Court Essay

An Affluent Community By The Name Woodbury Court Essay

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I chose to observe an affluent community by the name Woodbury Court in Irvine California. According to the United States Census Bureau, as of 2013 the population estimate in Irvine was 236,716. The community is also primarily made up of Caucasian, Asians and Middle Eastern people. You might be thinking what possible issues can this community be having? While observing I found that this community has everything they need right here. They do not need to get on the freeway to go to the grocery store or even to eat. I feel like this could make people not understand how good their life is compared to other communities. They might take what they have in front of them for grant, while other communities would benefit from having all these luxuries.
While driving though Woodbury Court I automatically felt like I was in a different place. Upon your arrival through the toll road you see a beautiful array of flowers and trees that seemed to be continuously kept up. I knew that this was going to be a very affluent area just noticing that one, everything is kept up, and two, the toll road to get there was around $3.50 one way, you have to pay to get here or expect yourself to sit in 30min worth of traffic by taking the 5 freeway. There was a shopping center as soon as you make a left from the toll road; it seemed to be in the center of this whole community. In the shopping center there was a Ralphs, Trader Joe’s, Home Depot, Walgreens, Office Depot, Wells Fargo, Chipotle, Chik Fil A, Panera, Subway, a yoga house, and other gourmet restaurants to eat. There were many people out and eating and sitting outside with their dogs. I found it interesting how many of people of the community were relaxing sitting outside. I find a hard to have time for...

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...t just below) believe the "poor have it easy because they can get government benefits without doing anything in return." The upper class believes that the poor get handouts from the government because they cannot afford certain things. But in reality the poor all strive to make it into the upper class. But they are not awarded the same privileges and financial opportunities. Education is better in areas where the people are richer because they can afford the books, better teachers, smaller classrooms, and having different programs. The children who go to school in poor areas are not award the same education as the others, most of the time they are given the bare minimum given the situation. “the education that poor, urban students in public schools receive is demonstrably insufficient to make them competitive with their more advantaged, middle and upper income peers”

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