An Advocate Of Animal Rights Essay

An Advocate Of Animal Rights Essay

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Analyzing human obligation pertaining to all that is not man made, apart from humans, we discover an assortment of concerns, some of which have been voiced by philosophers such as Tom Regan, Peter Singer and Aldo Leopold. Environmentally ethical ideals hold a broad spectrum of perspectives that, not only attempt to identify a problem, but also focus on how that problem is addressed through determining what is right and wrong.
As an advocate of animal rights, Tom Regan presents us with the idea that animals deserve to be treated with equal respect to humans. Commonly, we view our household pets and select exotic animals in different regard as oppose to the animals we perceive as merely a food source which, is a notion that animal rights activists hope to shatter. Hoping to end exploitive actions taken on animals such as hunting, testing on animals and raising animals for human consumption, Regan largely influenced the animal rights movement. His attitude toward environmental ethics remained that all creatures are born with natural rights, that humans were not the only beings to be entitled to what is morally correct. Many people argue that it is historically justified to consume animals however, Regan feels that we should learn from this and should evolve in the way of accepting responsibility of treating animals more respectfully. Although Regan concern himself with the specifics of providing equal respect for animals, incidentally, he brings forth ideas that circle around negative impact caused by domestication and how it may relate to endangerment or extinction. Considering how over populated the world is, it is easy to imagine how over consumption can destroy the delicate balance of nature. Regan’s answer of veganism may be too...

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...r environment.

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