Essay on An Advertisement Of The Coca Cola Advertisement

Essay on An Advertisement Of The Coca Cola Advertisement

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“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read” (Leo Burnett). Leo Burnett suggests that an advertisement does not need to be extremely complicated, it just has to be simple and easy enough to remember. It has to have the kind of visual that mostly everyone can relate to, so that they can all fully experience the advertisement to its potential. There are some companies that can pull off advertisements that have a hidden meaning, but it is less effective of an advertisement compared to a much more relatable advertisement. For an advertisement, it is crucial to think about the audience 's point of view. It is much more suitable to have an easy to read advertisement and visual than a overly complex advertisement with hard to understand visuals. The Coca-Cola advertisement shows many examples of a well-structured advertisement. The advertisement attempts to attract the most dedicated audience to purchase Coca-Cola by appealing to their need for affiliation, their need for prominence , and as well as their need to feel safe.
Firstly, the Coca-Cola advertisement tries to make them your friend, so that they can get a higher advantage on consumers. In the advertisement, it says “Continuous Quality is Quality you Trust”. This says that Coca-Cola is a trusted company and wants to be friends with people that buy Coca-Cola. In Jib Fowles, Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals, Fowles mentions that, “Two women confide and drink Maxwell House coffee together; two men walk through the woods smoking Salem cigarettes” (Fowles 5). This is the same principle that Coca-Cola is trying to portray with their advertisement. They are trying to give the audience a feeling of sharing a Coke with their friends or loved one...

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... can disregard any fact to many consumers.
In conclusion, the Coca-Cola advertisement has one of the most simplistic advertising, as well as one of the most effective. The advertisement is short, sweet, and to the point. It’s simple and memorable, because of its visuals and easy to remember slogans. The Coca-Cola advertisement has many hidden meanings and it is also somehow effective towards consumers by their simplistic design. An advertisement needs to think of the audience’s point of view, and the Coca-Cola advertisement does a great job at it. The advertisement shows a huge Coca-Cola bottle right in front of the consumer’s eyes, which means that the Coca-Cola company knows that all the audience wants to see is a bottle of Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola’s main idea behind their advertisement is to show a simple and easily remembered slogan and advertising to their audience.

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