An Adventure Of The Mind And Spirit, By Daniel Quinn Essay

An Adventure Of The Mind And Spirit, By Daniel Quinn Essay

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In “An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit,” by Daniel Quinn, Ishmael, the gorilla teaches the narrator, an anthropologist, that we as humans are anthropocentric when it comes to the natural world. This means that humans think they we are the center or the most important thing in the universe. On one hand, some may argue that the world was made for humans and not for the animals or anything else in society. From this perception, humans think that the world exists to support their species and to meet their needs, meaning that we egocentric. On the other hand, however, others argue that the natural world was not made just for man and that we should care more about other species and the environment. The issue is whether or not the natural world was made for man or both man and animals. Though some may say the world was made only for man, I will argue that it was made for both man and animals and humans need to recognize the benefits animals provide for us.
Daniel Quinn, an American writer and cultural critic, argues that humans have the tendency to see themselves as the central focus of the universe. According to Quinn, a person is either a Taker or a Leaver. “The Takers regard the world as a sort of human life-support system, as a machine designed to produce and sustain human life” (Quinn 206). This means that they take the world as their own, therefore, everything belongs to them. “The story the Leavers have enacted in the world has an entirely different premise…. (Quinn 207). Therefore, the Leavers are different from the Takers, they approach the world differently. Takers have a different outlook and do not believe that the world was made for man. Quinn stated, “People talk about our environment, our seas, our solar system” (Quinn 2...

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...hould not consider them as the center of the world because it only hurts the environment and the animals. We tend to take ownership of everything causing extinction to animals and causing our environment to look awful. Humans should be more considerate of the animals, plants and anything else that is sharing an environment with them. We as a society should become more open-minded to the negative outcome of taking the natural environment. When there is no more bees to take pollen from one flower to another, what would we do? We depend on animals and the environment just as well as they depend on us. We should show care and love to them because the world needs both of us. God made the natural world for both man and animals because without one, the world would not be the same. Let’s make the world a better place for man and animals by being considerate of one another.

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