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Walking down the busy brick and cobblestone streets of Boston, Massachusetts, a melody plays in the distance. Thousands of people hear the music, however, in their busy lives, they ignore it. Occasionally, a person glances over and in either a combination of shock or ignorance- or awe- they start to make assumptions about the street musician. In Boston the diversity in our community is very vast and constantly expanding. Even with this constant expansion everyone in society belongs to their own subcultural group. The street musicians express a multitude of things with their music; it is how they speak. Buskers can play music and change the tone, tempo, rhythm, melody and even genre of their music. This change is brought forth by their emotions, their daily lives, interactions with others and coming in contact with their inner self. With such an intriguing and talented group, we decided to investigate further and gain insight to stereotypical evaluations and assumptions of the performers..
Assumptions can be made about these groups by either personal experience, observations, or cultural influences. The subcultural group of musical street performers consists of those who make the streets their stage by taking part in an activity called busking. Buskers are people of all ages and they have been around for a relatively long time. With buskers being diverse both in age and in a historical context, many assumptions have been made about buskers. For example, many of these performers ask for money when they have finished playing, thus making the impression that they are desperate for money or are jobless. When observing the population from afar, general qualities are easily noticeable. For example, normal observations can conclude that t...

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... communication, many of the subjects tried to answer all questions they could to their full ability. All but one were willing to do the interview, and everyone gave highly personal answers. This was a very social group of people who were willing to share even the most intimate of details.
Next time you hear the melodies reverberating across the cement walls of the subway station; next time you see a man in ragged clothes, with a guitar in his hands, with this eyes closed, bobbing his head back and forth to the rhythm of the music that he is emanating- listen. Most passersby or frequent commuters do not appreciate the obvious, and if they even glance in the musicians direction, they make drastic, stereotypical assumptions about them. Be a colored speck in the sea of grey, listen to the music, strike a conversation, and fuel their passion for the music that they play.

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