An Account of Female Molestation Essay

An Account of Female Molestation Essay

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An account of female molestation
All of a sudden she felt the pangs of being a victim. It was too late to realize and perhaps too late to tell. Locking herself in the lavatory, she shrieked. The continuous rumbling of the train, the furious winds; enshrouded her cries. She felt a sharp pain engulfing her heart; the pain that would now stay forever.
She remembers it all now. She feels him digging his head in her belly, again. She feels his strong hands holding her. She feels him on her cheeks. Now, he starts rubbing his hands on her back when suddenly the door bell rings.
I was saved perhaps from a more unfortunate pain, she thought. Should I be happy for that, or lament that he was my uncle, she shouted to herself. She fell on the dirty wet floor of the water closet and cried for hours.
She was thirteen then, she is eighteen now. People would ridicule her for realizing it so late. But how would she have known it before, when it was never told? She was kept away from all the harsh realities of life; only to let the truth dawn on her catastrophically someday, ruining her from inside.
Yet Again
The realization had made her afraid of the dark, silent and not so crowded areas. She had abruptly stopped talking to men. After months, she is travelling with her cousin by railways to join college after a minor surgery at home. There are less people travelling yet she is unafraid as her brother is beside.
After four hours of the journey, six men board the same train.
Oblivious to them, she keeps looking out of the window enjoying the scenic view. Interrupting her thoughts one of the men asks her name. Unaware of his cruel intentions, she just answers him back and turns towards the casement again.
Her thoughts are intervened by some su...

... middle of paper ...

...tes. She has understood it is simply about being a woman in a patriarchal society.
She reaches her home the next morning; picks up the newspaper to find a tale of a saint harassing women. She turns the pages to find one or two gang rape articles. She looks at herself again in the mirror, and weeps. She thanks lord for saving her twice. She feels an immense pain in her heart. Afraid that someone might hear her shrieks, she locks herself in a room, puts a towel in her mouth and cries.
When this is the pain in her heart, how would one ever understand what a rape victim goes through?
Next morning, when she wakes up, she dress up like a princess, apply kohl round her eyes, puts on her favorite lip gloss and smile like she has never known what agony is. After all, she believes the only way to let the monsters not win is to tell them women are not afraid anymore!!

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