The Amygdala Is The Processing Portion Of Visceral Memory Essay

The Amygdala Is The Processing Portion Of Visceral Memory Essay

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Neurologically the amygdala is the processing portion of visceral memory, which is one of the few portions of the body that has not changed through evolution, this portion of the brain is where emotional sensory is processed by various stimuli and its capacity of emotional learning is due to reoccurring experience. This serves as the primary response (heart beat, intense emotion “gut reaction”) before alternative reasoning processes kick in. This serves as our emotional memory both with relation to internal and external memory. Behaviors of pleasure and positive response as well as negative trauma are all “housed in this portion of the brain. (Wright 1997, Simeon and Abugel (Feeling Unreal))
In many fields, visceral or affect is often negated as calculated or learned behavior, rather impulsive and inferior emotions to those of logic, etc etc. However our own cultural epistemologies, lived experience and even socialized ideals greatly effect how we are addressing (intellectualizing, analyzing) what’s happening inside of us. I would like to complicate the notion of inferiority of our affective engagement internally and externally, rather how are these informed, learned emotions, where have we felt this, where have our ancestors felt these things, can we look at intergenerational affective agency. Even so, standard responses cannot be developed for every situation that may occur, there are always so many factors coming into play, that may influence, guide, construe, the agent’s experience and perception.
There is a gap in psychology’s decision making analysis, the work on visceral factors in the decision making process clearly state their contributions to behavior but only in the realm of addiction describing the subject to be expe...

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... times. The purpose of these narratives is not to inform a dominant privilege culture, nor become a commodity for their consumption, the purpose is to be defined by each agent. Narratives and personal testimonies weave together theoretical frameworks, filling bringing to concepts to life (Million) to disregard these as not political is a move to disconnect communities and bring to life counter histories, this not only moves to dismantle hegemonic power structures of who is heard, who is theorizing and becoming the analytics of our time by placing the expertise to those in the midst of chaos, those with introspect. Objectivity is a mythical perspective that cannot be established so then for those engaging with their experiences on a theoretical and political level that are willing to share outside of their communities that is an honor and a force to be reckoned with.

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