Amy Tan Overcoming Faulty Relationships and Self Identity Essay

Amy Tan Overcoming Faulty Relationships and Self Identity Essay

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Amy Tan struggled with many issues caused by her dual cultures, which she expressed thoroughly in her works. Daisy and John Tan were post war immigrants and the parents of Amy Tan (Amy Tan). Tan was given the Chinese name An-Mei, which stands for blessings from America (McCarthy). To them she was the blessing that they had received after their own struggles. Tan’s father came to America after WWII to become a minister (Amy Tan). Even though it seemed like Tan’s life was running smoothly tragedy struck. Both Tan’s father and older brother died of a brain tumor when Tan was only fifteen years old (Wiener 27). In her works, Amy Tan focuses on the struggles that Chinese-American women face in mother-daughter relationships, their struggles to control their cultural identity and the tragedy that accelerates the broken relationship.
Before coming to America, Tan’s mother had been forced into a marriage (Amy Tan). She divorced her first husband and went to America to marry Tan’s father, whom she had met in China during WWII (Martin). When Tan’s mother, Daisy, came to the United States, she had to leave her young children behind with the chance that one day she would be able to go back for them. Daisy’s children from her first marriage stayed in China while Daisy came to America (McCarthy). Tan models the story of her half-sisters being left behind by their mother in The Joy Luck Club. In the story, Suyuan Woo had to give up her daughters when she left China while facing many obstacles trying to find them (Wiener 25-27).Although Daisy did not have any remorse in leaving her family behind including her two daughters (Showalter 789). In The Hundred Secret Senses, Olivia’s father came from China to America seeking a better life but had no c...

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