Essay on Amy Bloom 's Silver Water

Essay on Amy Bloom 's Silver Water

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Colloidal silver is particles of silver broken down or mixed into liquid. In the early 20th, ,century colloidal silver or as it is more popularly known “silver water” was marketed as a cure for tumors; now in alternative medicine it is referenced as a cure all with healing properties.
But, What does this have to do Amy Bloom 's story “Silver Water”? The only times this phrase appears is in the story 's title along with the story 's opening paragraph: “My sister’s voice was like mountain water in a silver pitcher; the clear blue beauty of it cools you and lifts you up beyond your heat, beyond your body.” This description is spiritual in its nature much like with alternative medicines like Silver Water a lot of its healing properties are unproven and lie in faith/pseudoscience . Though different in their nature and causation the way individuals and group deal with both mental illness and physical illness are of a similar nature.
In the story 's opening narration, we have the story 's narrator Violet say “That’s what I like to remember, and that’s the story I told to all of her therapists.” I wanted them to know her, to know that who they saw was not all there was to see” much as when a relative is sick physically, all we can recall or wish to recall is the times when they were well. Violet just wants to see her sister as she was and everyone else to do the same. In illness it is hard to except that the person we love had changed and not by their own design.
While Violet struggles with her sisters change her parents have an easier time accepting Rose 's illness. When the father is talking to Rose the mother just stands in the hallway watching. (She stood) “dry-eyed and pale, watching the two of them. She had already p...

... middle of paper ... the Greeks; Rose is soon to fade into a beloved memory to her family.
When Violet informs her mother of Rose 's death her mother only repeats the phrase “Warrior Queens”. This scene helps to represent even though the family has experienced loss they will accept it and move on. This scene coupled with the one of girls parents just sitting and watching the sunset shows that a burden is being lifted off the family. They care and love for Rose and are hurt by her loss but as many would say “She 's in a better place” where Rose herself will no be tormented by illness and the family doesn’t have to witness their loved one suffer. The family has tried everything they possible can from the moderate to the alternative approach. No matter how hard they try or continue to search there is no Silver Water or “cure all” much like the Greeks that is an idea long past.

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