Amusing Ourselves For Death : The Entertainment Of Education Essay

Amusing Ourselves For Death : The Entertainment Of Education Essay

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Amusing Ourselves to Death: The Entertainment in Education
Television and the visual culture are “creating new conceptions of knowledge and how it is acquired” (p. 145). Neil Postman in his book, Amusing Ourselves to Death explains the effects of television and visual culture on the youth education curriculum. Postman believed it necessary to warn society of the consequences of living in a culture dominated by television. As for my opinion on this matter, I do not agree with Neil Postman’s statements in regards to television and our youth’s education. I believe it is not the crisis Neil Postman makes it out to be.
In our youth education curriculum, teaching has developed to make learning easier for our youth to understand based on television as a curriculum. Television is a curriculum due to its ability to control time attention and influence the cognitive habits of our youth. Television is a curriculum because it has the power to control our youth’s education. In no way does this put blame on network executives, though viewers and parents are unaware of the lasting effects watching television has on our youth’s ability to learn.
Parents and the youth viewers should be aware of the lasting effects watching television, but I think the transition of education curriculums are only natural when influential technologies are involved. I believe when a new technology is created we should use and enhance it to the best of its ability. If the new technology can be used to change the education curriculum, then I believe we are enhancing both the technology product and the education curriculum. If technologies change our culture it could quite possibly be for the better, and humankind could be developing for the better.
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..., and even social media would be added to the curriculum. Neil Postman would most likely be appalled at the amount of information I learn through the internet, and the formats that I learn the information in. For example, BuzzFeed News is an application on my cellphone that give information through videos, music, and images. All the formats that television used, but quicker.
In 1985, television was a platform to use for educational purposes and entertainment. It did teach our youth that teaching and learning could be both fun and educational. With new developing technologies, it is only natural for our culture of education to develop. Although the format of education changes, change is not a bad thing. I see images, video, music, and all media as tools for our youth to learn. Making viewers and users aware of the impacts is necessary to inform the generation to come.

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