Essay on Amphetamines: Recreational or Instrumental

Essay on Amphetamines: Recreational or Instrumental

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Everyone has his or her own opinion about drugs. Recreational drug use is using an illegal drug to get high. Instrumental use can be described when a person uses the same drug to achieve an effect to complete a task. Society has had many different views about drugs, and has changed its view many times throughout history. Today, we are facing a war on drugs, drug cartels, drug abuse, prison overcrowding and many others. All these have roots with drugs. There are always two sides to every story, and I will show that the use of amphetamines is both recreational and instrumental, and using it prescribed, recreationally or instrumental can have less desired effects according to research. Everyone has a choice when it comes to drugs in the United States and we must choose wisely. This is how I see it.

Amphetamines, Recreational or Instrumental
Drugs have been a part of society since time began, although the drugs may have been in many different forms, and ingested in many different ways it still played a part in our history. Many people have lost their lives to drugs, and many have benefited from them as well.
Amphetamines also known as “speed” or “ice” Typically includes positively prescribed subjective effects such as an increased state of arousal, euphoria, increased energy and talkativeness, but also negative emotions including anxiety, paranoia or auditory and visual hallucinations. We do see that there could be beneficial and negative effects from this drug relatively speaking, but why do we classify amphetamines as harmful or harmless? Does the end outweigh the means? Let us look at a few scenarios.

For instance, if a man has five children and a wife at home with a mortgage to pay, and ...

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...If it is to be socially acceptable, chances are high that anyone can find a group that is accepting of one drug or another, it is up to the individual on which road he or she will take.

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