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Essay on Amniotic fluid

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Amniotic Fluid
The happiest moment in the life of a woman is the moment of her first pregnancy. The fetus is inside her uterus surrounded by a thin membrane which is amniotic sac and inside is the amniotic fluid in which that the unborn baby float in it and moves easily. This amniotic fluid is a yellowish liquid and like water, it contains fetal cells and about 98% of water, 2% salts, carbohydrates, proteins, peptides, lipid and electrolyte enzymes (Penn Medicine, 2013). This fluid filled the extracelomic cavity and then the amniotic space become identified and easily to be seen within days of implantation. The amniotic fluid is made from mother's body, so that the water from amniotic fluid is coming from maternal plasma cells that moves through the fetal membranes, this movement could be during after vessels development so that the water and salts will moves from maternal plasma cells across the placenta to fetus and then to the amniotic fluid.
In the early period of embryo the volume of amniotic fluid is about 25 ml at 10 weeks and it increase to about 400 ml at 20 weeks, in this period of time the amniotic fluid composition is similar to fetal plasma (Mark, William & Michael, 2005). Also at this period of time the amniotic fluid serve as a physiological buffer, because it pass across non keratinized fetal skin and the amnion surface, placenta and umbilical cord all are permeable to water and solutes. By the week of gestation which is about week 8, the kidney of fetus start to function and the fetus start to make his own contribution to amniotic fluid and this can be done by swallowing and urinating into the amniotic fluid, so now amniotic fluid is mostly achieved by excretion of fetal urine. Specifically, we can say that fetu...

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