Amnesty International: Concealed Human Rights Essay

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“Don’t mourn. Organize”- Joe Hill, a labor activist. Amnesty International (AI) is the largest organization of ordinary citizens uniting to end human rights abuse. AI is independent from any government, economic interest and political ideology. Originally they created global pressure by writing letters to prisoners of consciences. The reactions to the letters has exceeded the organization’s expectations and impressed the public by promoting human rights as a fundamental world affair. Recently, AI has embarked broader missions and developed ambitious campaigns against Human Rights abuse. Despite these positive elements of ensuring individuals their rights, Amnesty International’s evolving policies hinders its efficiency through ideological bias, selection bias, and mission creep.

Amnesty International’s recent manifestation of ideological bias against liberal and democratic countries causes the organization to lose some credibility. Their mission is to advocate change, which along the way may result in bias favoring communist countries. To support this, in a 2005 AI report, “The Secretary General, Irene Khan, made a reference to the Guantanamo Bay prison as ‘the Gulag of our times.’” The remark was reprehensible, and upset the US and some AI members. The judgment was beyond AI’s jurisdiction, and taking a political side proves AI unprofessional. This statement compares United State’s treatment of enemy combatants to Josef Stalin’s covert prison that killed 20 million political dissidents through inhumane tactics. The statement shows ideological bias due to the fact that the comparison undermines the terror of the Gulag. AI’s view was discredited because of the oddity in scale and principle, “the Gulag embodied the Soviet system; ...

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...tional to change its approach. Is it time for Amnesty International to change its name?

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