America’s Slump; The Housing Crisis Essays

America’s Slump; The Housing Crisis Essays

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You are batting zero for God knows how long and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. It seems like only yesterday you were crushing balls into the parking lot, but now the manager has benched you because the cleaning crew has refused to pick up the mountain of garbage the fans throw at you every time you come to the plate. You’ve hit rock bottom and you’re sinking fast. It seems the harder you try the worse it is gets, so the wizened old hitting coach decides to give you the most sagely advice he can muster, “try less”.
America is in one the worst housing slumps ever seen but it seems, just like in baseball, the harder Americans try to fix it the worse it becomes. So the people of the United States need to take a page from the book of its national pastime and try the proven slump-buster of trying less.
The housing market resembles baseball more closely than one may think. In baseball when a player is hot, he’s unstoppable and the sky is the limit. If he gets cold however, it can seem like it is never going to get better and that good days are long gone. Well, consider America’s housing market one of the streakiest hitters of all time. In the 40’s and 50’s when GI boys were coming home the housing market was hotter than the Yankees parking lot in the middle of July. Sales soared running on the adrenaline of the hot streak. In the next decades the market slowed a little, every hot streak has to end sometime. In the early 2000’s America got a jolt of swagger; putting up houses at such a pace and price that any bad investment would still be bought and make gobs of money. Like any a hitter though, after a good run often comes a precipitous fall. Mechanics get bad, pitchers adjust, and the hitter just becomes lazy...

... middle of paper ... surges and fallouts that come along with that philosophy. The housing market and the United States in general would be better off if it tried to be more consistent instead of relying on economic hot streaks and home run moneymaking schemes. Take Ted Williams, the best hitter of all time, who by just hitting the ball for singles and doubles ended up hitting 521 home runs, hitting over .400 in a single season, but shockingly struck out only a 709 times in his illustrious career. Hit for singles and doubles, and the home runs will come. In the future banks need to give out loans that are big as well as loans that are small to always have a maintained base. America needs to stop the streaky ways of its economy now and in the future. America needs to hit for average, not power; that is the only way the United States emerge from this miserable housing debacle.

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