America's Obsession with Weight is Hazardous to Your Health Essay

America's Obsession with Weight is Hazardous to Your Health Essay

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Do I look fat? That’s the question we all ask ourselves when we are trying on a new pair of jeans. Media, such as, movies, newspapers, TV shows, and also ads being posted on billboards all talking about weight problems and how to lose weight by joining a fitness club or take their weight pill to lose weight. As a society we have become so obsessed with our weight problems that we become depressed, we worry more about losing the weight instead of being healthy, and we also become very uncomfortable with ourselves. My dear friend Annie, who is an English teacher at Taft High School, struggles with her weight. Annie is a person who loves to set goals and is very good at in achieving her personal goals. Annie is one of my close friend and she is always worries about her weight she buys clothes that’s do not fit to encourage herself to lose weight. I truly believe that all the goals she has set are wonderful of losing weight, but I think that she should put her focus on health instead of looking at other women trying to have their body. Annie is so focused on losing weight that sometimes she becomes very depressed and does not want to go out and have fun. The purpose of this life is to enjoy every moment that you have, but instead Annie and many other Americans we focus more about our weight instead of living a life of enjoyment. Depression is one of the many effects of the Americans obsession with weight. When a person is on a diet, they believe that losing weight to be thin is something that is easy and that can be accomplish within one month. When that month is gone they feel as if they have not tried hard enough to lose the weight to be thin like all the models on the front cover of fashion magazines. When a person is on a diet and...

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...l will always be presented before our eyes within the media. Our job as Americans is to ignore these images and be the person that God has created us to be. We should no longer let America choose what we are to be like or look like, we should stand against our media world and tell America that we are fine the way we are. We no longer need any teenagers giving their life away to be thin so another guy can have an interest in her. Ladies you are beautiful in your own special way, you don’t have to change yourself for anyone. As a society if we continue to always look at ourselves and are unhappy, when will we ever be happy, when we are depressed or even in our grave site dead from not eating, we need to love ourselves and be healthy not the next thinnest super model. Living a life without worrying about your weight problem is a life of freedom and a life without stress.

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