America's Newest Sweetheart, Taylor Swift Essay

America's Newest Sweetheart, Taylor Swift Essay

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Today it is hard to imagine a female celebrity without seeing mental images of someone stumbling out of clubs, under the influence of drugs and alcohol, or exposing their skin. What has happened to the role models that were once defined by people like Audrey Hepburn, Mother Teresa and Eleanor Roosevelt. In between the chaotic mess of people like Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, and the Kardashians is an under-rated role model, Taylor Swift. Just at the age of twenty four, she holds the prestige of winning seven Grammy's becoming one of the greatest musical sensations. Aside from her music, her keen attitude is receiving accolade from many people. Taylor Swift is the best role model for girls of because of her clean public image.

Taylor continues to maintain her clean appearance by making wise attire decisions. Her consciousness of being a role model and inspiring young girls is a decision that she chooses to permanently tattoo into her mind. On a special for 60 Minutes, she tells Leslie Stahl that when she gets dressed in the morning, she thinks of the opinions of the millions of fans that have confided in her (Swift). She is aware that something as simple as a wardrobe choice is something that makes young women look up to her. A single provocative piece of clothing she chooses to wear has the ability to alter the dressing styles for girls, but she does not try to experiment with risqué choices. Taylor knows that her clothing choices are being monitored from such a young audience, and she does not find this a challenging task. In an older interview for Glamour Magazine she states that it is easy for her to keep her clothes on and refuses to take them off (Swift). Swift expresses no intent to exposes flesh because she wants to ...

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... who her subjects are. Additionally, the media mocks Taylor's personal life with regards to her relationships. She's been featured on the front pages of tabloid magazines like US Weekly, and blogs like Perez Hilton that speak of her failed romances. Although she has feminist views, rumor-fuelled stories and falsely speculations from unreliable sources make people see Taylor as a man-eater. She states in this years Glamour interview that she knows that her the media has the impression that she every time she is seen with a male she is going to write a song about it . (Swift) Every time Taylor is seen associating with male co-artists or simply enjoying days off with her guy friends, it is certain that the paparazzi and gossip bloggers have sparked another so-called romance. There have been some outrageous incidents where her brother was labelled as being her boyfriend.

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