America's Involvement and the Intentions of Wilson’s Fourteen Point Plan

America's Involvement and the Intentions of Wilson’s Fourteen Point Plan

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Most of the World’s major Nations were in a state of turmoil from the year 1914-1918, during the conflict of World War I. This War to End all Wars began with the German’s pushing other European Nation’s buttons, including the progression of militarism, imperialism, nationalism, and the creation of alliances among all of the Nations. After the course of three years of grueling trench warfare the tide of the Germans was receding, and President Woodrow Wilson of the United States presented his famous Fourteen Points, in hope that he would direct all Nations to aspire for the establishment of world peace.
Wilson’s first proposal for the treaty among the Nations stated that no secret treaties should be made among Nations. This point is important, because unknown treaties and betrayals are what started and continued the war, and an end to this practice would greatly prevent the chance of new wars. This point is directly related to America’s involvement in the war, with the intercepted Zimmermann Note. This note sent by Germany proposed a secret treaty between their Nation and Mexico, granting them back land in possession of America, including: Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, if they caused the U.S. to break out into war.
The second point that Wilson proposed was the declaration for the freedom of the seas. I do not believe that America was directly affected by this problem during the war, but rather saw it as a chance to remove dangerous practices that so nearly destroyed the entire people of Germany. The practice of blockades and unrestricted submarine warfare were remarkably effective, and Wilson felt that it was in fact too effective, and must be removed to prevent any future wars.
Wilson’s third point encouraged the practice o...

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...s Fourteen point policy, as listed above, were not perfect, yet it greatly appealed to the people of all Nations, and brought hope of peace at the end of the war. On November 11, 1918, on the eleventh hour, Germany sounded its surrender. Sadly, at the press conference in the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, the other three of the Big Four rejected many of the points, and light many fuses, especially in Germany. Despite these efforts, the interference of America in the war, only served as a setback, as Germany lays in wait for their rightful return to power. With a grim future, America can be satisfied with two points. One, that they both physically and verbally helped to unite the world’s powers in a way that prevents Imperialistic wars, and two, that America can stand as a beacon of hope for the revival of a Nation’s spirit, and the establishment of peace.

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