Essay about America's Healthcare: Change...But How?

Essay about America's Healthcare: Change...But How?

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The idea of reforming the nation’s health care system was introduced as far back as the early 90’s. During this time ideas were created but action was never taken. In 2008 the idea that health care reform could actually happen, became a reality. After eight years under a predominantly republican run government, the Democratic Party once again became the majority. In addition to being the majority party in the House of Representatives and the Senate, a democratic president was elected to office. This has created a new window of opportunity for health care reform, along with a promising future.
A realization has occurred among stakeholders that the health care system is in need of change. In a poll conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health, 61% of adults, eighteen and older, stated that “it is now more important than ever to take on health care reform (Monheit, 2009). Stakeholders of health care reform include patients, providers, academics, medical industry leaders, business people, insurers, and political leaders. A study conducted by the Mayo Clinic Health Policy Center found that stakeholders recommended four cornerstones when focusing on health care reform. These cornerstones are as follows: creating value through improved health outcomes and service to patients, coordinating care, reforming the payment system, and providing insurance for all (Cortese & Korsmo, 2009).
While there are many stakeholders involved in health care reform, not all are in agreeance about how it should be enacted, how it should be financed, and the many other details involved. With the severity of the problems plaguing the nation’s health care system being realized, many more stakeholders are supportive of h...

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...ic as well as the control they currently have in the health care market.
A strong following and control of the health care market may not be enough for those that oppose health care reform. Eventually the values that people stand for and the reality that they face will change their priorities. When a choice must be made regarding helping others or taking care of their own financial survival, the support that these stakeholders once had will change swiftly in magnitude and direction (Gardner, 2009). Weaknesses that these stakeholders face is lack of governmental support, lack of support from those in the health care industry, having minority voting, and lack of drivers. Drives can be defined as forces, either internal or external, that influence the success or failure of a change effort (Gardner, 2009). The weaknesses of these stakeholders outnumber the strengths.

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