America's Foreign Policy: Rise to Globalism by Stephen E. Ambrose Essay

America's Foreign Policy: Rise to Globalism by Stephen E. Ambrose Essay

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Rise to Globalism is a fascinating summary of America's foreign policy from World War II to the Gulf War. Stephen E. Ambrose, earned his history Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin and he is a very talented author. Rise to Globalism was published by Penguin Books Inc. in 1993 in New York. The book gives the readers an idea of why America and the rest of the world were communicating, ordered in consecutive order and by U.S. presidents. In this novel, Stephen E. Ambrose and Douglas G. Brinkley covered an extensive topic in a fairly short book. Ambrose and Brinkley discuss some topics more thoroughly than others. For example, the authors go into great depth about the wars in Vietnam and Korea, but slightly touches on some topics, like the attack on Pearl Harbor and how that effected the war in the Pacific. The goal of the book was to summarize American foreign policy and its growth throughout the 20th century. Luckily, they achieve this accomplishment in a book that reads more like a novel than a textbook.
Ambrose and Brinkley systematized the first ration of the book, which enclosed America's participation in World War II, each chapter got its own specific topic on the war. For the rest of the book, each chapter labels a detailed United States president and their offerings or struggles. The first chapter of the book describes the situations in Europe, and the issues that led America to join the war. For instance, these included Britain's requests for help, the fall of France and Japan's violence against America at Pearl Harbor. Once America finally got involved in the war, they involved Axis troops in Northern Africa and Italy and released a second front in France by attacking at Normandy. After Germany was defeated, America sl...

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...hough not too great for the modifications and informs to contain George W. Bush. If a person has little knowledge of the American Foreign Policy, this book is a great way to learn quickly in a short book and get a brief summary of what it was all about.
In conclusion, this extensive review of American foreign policy is just very broad. This topic is his shortened summary of a broad topic in a narrative arrangement, if they contributed anything to the historical understanding of this book. Ambrose and Brinkley made the topic very fascinating and easier to comprehend than a plain textbook. By writing Rise to Globalism and narrating stories without including unnecessary truths and statistics. Thanks to this book, I gained a more thorough understanding of the struggles in the Middle East after Vietnam and a new perception on where American presently stands in the world.

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