Essay about America’s Failing Education System

Essay about America’s Failing Education System

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"A world-class education is the single most important factor in determining not just whether our kids can compete for the best jobs but whether America can out-compete countries around the world. America's business leaders understand that when it comes to education, we need to up our game. That's why need to work together to put an outstanding education within reach for every American child"-President Barack Obama, July 18, 2011
Even though everyone agrees with the president, and most are aware that the current system is out of order, not everyone agrees on what course of actions should be taken to fix it. There are those who believe that approaching the issues through a government control department of education and a standardized mandated curriculum is the answer. Others are dead set against it, claiming that more government involvement would do more harm than good. Furthermore, there are those who believe that parents or the individual should decide on their own education. What is not being debated is that in order to come to a common understanding all sides will have to put aside their politics, religious beliefs, moral differences and personal ideologies and that, is easier said than done.
When analyzing the efficiency of the American education system the focus tends to be on the consistent decline of our testing programs; but what is more alarming is how American students stack up against students from other industrialized countries. American students fall far behind their counterparts in almost every educational field in both Asia and Europe, especially in math and science. Moreover, evidence suggests that American students are progressively on a decline and keep falling farther behind each year. Whichever side is ri...

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...etent bureaucrats that do not appear to have our best interest in mind. Let me be clear, let there be no doubt in your mind that if the education system in America dies, the American dream dies with it.

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