Americans Should Eat Healthy Foods Essay

Americans Should Eat Healthy Foods Essay

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Americans Should Eat Healthy Foods
The overall health of the nation should concern every American within the United States. The populous has acquired a bad habit of turning to convenience foods because of availability, taste and comfort. Thus to re-direct the health of the nation, people need to stop crippling their health by convenience foods and replace it with healthy, natural choices, otherwise the health of all will continue to decline.
The body responds differently to food types, either healthy or convenience, and determines the mood and daily productivity of an individual. According to Donald D. Hensrud, in order to enjoy an increase in energy and good-feelings, eat more fruits and vegetables as they promote a healthy body (Hensrud 47). Depending upon how many fruits and vegetables an individual ingests throughout the day, will determine the energy and ultimately the output for the day.
As most of the populous learned in Elementary school textbooks, food is chewed and passed through the digestive tracts, continuing until all of its good qualities are used up and it finally exits. Although, during this process, different types of foods determine the rate in which the body processes the food, as well as how it affects the outward appearance. One doctor even went so far as to research and examine the results of specific foods, and how they are digested
based on an individuals’ blood type. When the diet of an individual changes, so does the body. (D’Adamo 35)
Most people notice that skin, hair, and physique changes depending on what the body digests. For example, a person that eats a hamburger every day, six days a week will likely put on significant weight and have skin problems. Through one articles’ results referenc...

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