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How would you feel if you were paying a random adult out of your own pocket to simply live even though their income is higher than yours? According to statisticbrain “the total number of Americans on welfare [is] 12,800,000” and out of that number “the total number of U.S. States where welfare pays more than an $8 per hour job [is] 39, the total number of U.S. States where welfare pays more than a $12 per hour job [is] 6” Also, according to the same source the “Average Time [people are] on AFCD (Aid to Families with Dependent Children for over 5 years [is] 19.6%”. Although that is a vast amount of money welfare benefits are a necessity to our society in order for the economy to function better. There are people who truthfully need the help in order to feed their families. However, there are also many dishonest individuals who see this system as a gateway; a way to manipulate the system in order to not work and yet receive cash monthly. There are too many people abusing the benefits that the government is dishing out, this isn’t fair to tax payers or the individuals who actually need the assistance therefore tougher regulations should be enforced. This could be done by having better background checks, putting a time restriction on the amount of years society is able to be receive benefits as well as requiring them to give back to the community, this will not only eliminate frauds but encourage other recipients to get off the system as well.

Welfare is a state run system that was created in order to help people with low-income. In 1929 the most popular way to invest your money was the stock market and the most common way to save your money was the bank. However, one thing that wasn’t anticipated at the time was the h...

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...ed the help can keep receiving it and the state is able to shrink the number of welfare fraud.

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