Americans And Mexicans Perceive Masculinity And Feminism Differently Essay

Americans And Mexicans Perceive Masculinity And Feminism Differently Essay

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Americans and Mexicans perceive masculinity and feminism differently. Some examples in Mexico would be that females tend to stay at home and men tend to be more familiar with labor. In the United States women are used to working for themselves and learning how to save and earn their own money same as men do. Traditionally Mexican men are to be independent and dominant and Mexican women are more dependent and submissive. Americans play the same role whether they 're women or men. Another way how these two countries differ is in education. Young teenage hispanics usually stop going to school or don 't go at all. They normally get taught to work at young age while in the United States teenagers continue their education, it 's rare for one to drop out. They are more successful in life.
Mexican women tend to get frustrated when it comes to workforce. One reason is because they feel they don 't get the same recognition as men do. Women are supposed to stay at home taking car of her family and doing the housework. Unlike men, they leave the house really early in the morning to go plant their household food. Mexican women believe they will never succeed in employment wise since Mexican men are supposed to do the masculine work. During summer 2016, I left to Mexican for about three months to keep my grandpa Miguel company. It was just the two of us and let 's say I was playing the role of the mother of the house. I needed to wake up at six in the morning everyday including weekends. You might be asking yourself why so early? Well, I was expected to cook breakfast for my grandpa every morning and was expected to prepare his afternoon lunch. I ate breakfast with him, than I blessed him off to work. I was just left to do the housework like, w...

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...etimes take their education opportunity for granted. Some continue or some drop out during their college years because school wasn 't "meant" for them. Yes, it 's rare when one drops out but I believe we should all appreciate the help we receive from the government in the United States because Mexican students don 't receive no help. They are in their own, that 's another reason why parents don 't send their children to school because they can 't afford it.
United States and Mexico are two countries that have many differences and similarities in how they perceive feminism and masculinity. Whether it 's in work, their way of being, or in education, both countries will have their different ways of thinking in how masculinity and feminism is said to be. Americans and Mexicans will always carry with them their definition of feminine and masculine no matter where they go.

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