Essay on The American Youth Justice System

Essay on The American Youth Justice System

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Crimes committed by juveniles is a large scale issue in several different cultures and communities through-out the United States of America and the world and in order to curb this growing situation parents, neighborhoods and government strategies for preventing these behaviors must be more realistic and reaching to juveniles for a better results in eradicating the problem.
Studies shown by the Policy Press indicates that anti-social youths often meet up on the streets of their neighborhoods in search of excitement and, assisted by the latest cellular devices and internet technology, they are able to rapidly recruit other young people wanting to share and or join in becoming a part of an destructive and aggressive group commonly referred to as gangs. In many neighborhoods we see innocent residents being attacked, to even include emergency workers, and life is increasingly becoming intolerable for residents and even ordinary people commuting the streets daily.
Fore-warnings that the American Youth Justice System is in a state of crisis has always lead to indepth and intense debates, but the question of whether the present system is really helping young teenagers or putting them in better position to overcome their real problems is the real question at hand. The quantity of time and finances spent by the Police, Courts and social workers in dealing with juvenile offenders is enormous in the United States but in England and other parts of the world the sum of crimes committed by young people has increased by a fifth and violent crimes by a third in about three years. I do believe that major rational is needed to get the United States system working more efficiently and effectively if we plan to see in decrease in juvenile delinquen...

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...s tragic effects they sometimes end up being dealt with reality of the situation through the collection of governmental tax dollars for the general safety of our neighborhoods. An early intervention have proven to be effective and is the only way that we can bring about a change soon.
The programs outlined earlier in the paper focus not on reduction of crime, but rather focused on targeting the risk factors early that later predict juvenile delinquent behavior. I honestly believe if these risk factors are dealt with properly, there will be an elimination of such negative behavior in the future.
The key is continuity of intervention, and that is a goal all prevention programs should strive for (Zigler and Taussig 1003). However, we as a society are only the beginning, we must turn to active research and indepht investigation to produce programs that will unite us.

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